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- for a brilliant outlook

Experience the power of steam to give your car a sparkling new look. Heat & Pressure combined create a powerful cleaning solution that melts away dirt, grime, oil and tar to give your car the wash 'n' shine that you always wanted.

- for a spotless & revitalized interior.

Delicate interiors of your car, that include your Car’s upholstery (fabric / leather), carpets, dashboard console, AC Vents, Door Penels, Boot, Ceiling, mats and all other plastic / rubber / vinyl parts are treated and conditioned using the latest technologies of Steam jet machine, lather Foam machine, Spray Extractor and Bio-degradable Detailing products. Special Conditioners are applied to all plastic, rubber and vinyl parts to pamper and protect it from harmful U.V exposure and help prevent drying, fading and cracking.

- for a germ-free interior

For strong offensive odours produced from food and beverages to cigarettes, our Ozone Treatment permanently kills and eliminates the odour. It also sterilizes the cabin and purifies the air quality to deliver a 'germ free' car.

- To bring your paint back alive

Over a period of time, paint on cars erodes due to the effect of sunlight, radiation, dirt and other pollutants. The Paint Refinement process corrects swirl marks, dullness and scratches through the use of world renowned products and chemicals. The unique blend restores a flawless showroom finish and creates a brilliant high gloss that outlasts all other waxes.

- for a rust-free future

Underbody Anti-Rust Coating is specially formulated to evade automotive corrosion to the underbody, rocker panels, and wheel arches, while effectively controlling and dampeining noise and vibration. Heat insulation properties provide for a comfortable drive by shielding the car from extreme temperatures. The coating comes with a 5 year warranty.

- for a rust-free future.

Our scientifically formulated anti-rust compound provides lasting protection to door jambs, internal door panels, bonnet and trunk against rust and corrosion. It is a wax based treatment that protects unpainted surfaces and recessed cavities where rust most commonly occurs.

- for clear visibility


Nano Glass coating serves as a water repellant and offers rejection against dirt and grime. It ensures improved visibility when driving in heavy rain due to its water repellent qualities provided to the windscreen.

- for a stress-free drive

With our Anti-glare treatment, we improve the quality of night vision and overall visibility by removing light scratches and eliminating fume film. It effectively cuts glare from on-coming vehicles.

-for radiantly clear visbility

Safety is the chef reason to have headlights restored. Yellow and cloudy headlights immensely reduce vision at night which is a major cause of night time accidents. Our distinctive process effectively rstores like-new clarity to yellowed, scrathced, oxidized, cloudy and contaminated lamps & plastic surfaces leaving rediantly clear nd polished headlamps and tail lamps.

- for mirror-like shiny wheels

Acquire a mirror-like shine and deep, vibrant look to chrome and alloys of your Car. We effectively remove stubborn brake dust, tar and grime while keeping tyres looking black longer.

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